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The Man the Sea Saw From the luminously inventive and magically silly mind of acclaimed physical theatre performer Wolfe Bowart comes the world premiere of his latest production, The Man the Sea Saw. Weaving together theatre and circus, stage illusion, music, puppetry and physical comedy, Bowart tells the story of a man accidentally cast adrift on a teetering iceberg. As his memories of home break off and float away, he sacrifices his last carrot to his best friend, and takes comfort in the fact that the sun is coming out … until he remembers that his best friend is a snowman. In this funny fable about serious stakes, Bowart shows it’s possible to swim in a sea of dreams, play a sonata with icicles and discover answers to questions you never knew you were asking. Spoon Tree Productions presents The Man the Sea Saw, the latest production from the luminously inventive and magically silly mind of acclaimed physical theatre creator Wolfe Bowart. In 2010, Spoon Tree takes Bowart's LaLaLuna to an ever-widening UK audience during a tour that includes performances at the Brighton Arts Festival, the Salisbury International Arts Festival, and the SPARK! Children's Festival. LaLaLuna will also undertake a national tour of New Zealand, and will be part of the 20th anniversary edition of Austria's Festival der Träume, the eminent European clown theatre festival. Additionally, Bowart's Letter's End will debut in Hong Kong as part of the Family Fiesta Series, and undertake seasons in Australia at the Melbourne Arts Centre and the Adelaide Festival Centre. For tickets to The Man the Sea Saw, go here. For more on Spoon Tree Productions, go here. The Man the Sea Saw is a theatrical experience for everyone aged from 6 to 106. Bring the whole family! letters end